Thursday, 11 September 2014


    Once there was a girl named Beth
    Beth had super powers and could do amazing things, but she didn't because no one expected much from her, as she was just a kid. Then one day Beth found a toy train lying on the ground, she looked at it really hard and turned in into a real train. Then Beth drove the train to a forest with a Lake and made a house out of water. She decided to stay there and no one ever saw her again, the end

Monday, 8 September 2014

The Mistys

    Once there was a family called The Mistys.
    The Mistys lived in a big white house in Sleepy Cloud Valley. The Misys didn't see much of the world around them, and the world didn't see much of them. They were a good family of people, but they were the only people in the valley. One day a traveller walked threw Sleepy Cloud Valley and walked right by the Mistys house without seeing it, then he walked into a tree, the end

Sunday, 7 September 2014


    Once there was a Flower named Lora
    Lora grew up in a swamp surrounded my ugly thing, but she was very beautiful. She was tired of looking at mud and rocks so one day she asked a squirrel to bring her to a field full of flowers. Once she was there she was amazed by the pretty things around her but then something occurred to her. She was no longer special, she was beautiful but so was everything else. Then Lora decided to move back to the swamp where she was Special, the end

Friday, 5 September 2014


    Once there was a dog named Terry

    Terry was a special dog because he would walk like a person. One day Terry put on a suit and got a job at a bank, then he bought beer with a fake id. The next day Terry stayed a dog and robbed the bank he worked for, it was the perfect disguise, no one recognised him. Then he stayed a dog, the end

Wednesday, 3 September 2014


     Once there was a girl named Joy.

     Everyday Joy went to school and all the other kids were mean to here, Joy hated school. One day Joy decided she was going to leave, so she built a spaceship and left earth. After weeks of travel Joy landed on a Planet called Reath. All the people there looked funny to Joy. They spoke strange languages and did strange things. They ate strange foods and lived in strange houses and the more Joy saw the more she remembered the good things about home. The more Joy thought about home the less she remembered the bad things and the more she remembered her dog Terry. After 2 days Joy went home. She was happy to be home but she still hated school. Joy knew it wouldn’t last forever though, the end


     Once there was a land called Rouge.

    In the land of Rouge everyone wore red shirts. One day a man showed up wearing a white shirt. Then he died it Red and everyone liked him and they had a party, the end

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


    Once there was a thief named Whisper.

    Whisper was a very good thief and had stolen many things in his day, but he was getting old. He wanted to end his career on one last big job. Whisper knew of a very rare fire ruby in the kings castle that he wanted more then anything in the world, this was the last thing he decided to steal. One night he broke in to the castle and, upon seeing the ruby, was taken aback by its beauty. It shone bright red in the night. He Stuffed the ruby in his bag and made his way out of the castle, heading to his home in a nearby swamp. When Whisper took the fire ruby from his bag he was surprised and sad to find that it had stopped shining. He went to see a wise man named Henry, who told him that, although it was still very valuable, the Ruby would not shine outside of the castle, because that was its home. After days of thinking, Whisper decided to return the fire ruby. He waited for night to fall and then crept into the castle. As soon as he put the ruby back in its place, it started to shine. Because of the sudden light all the royal guards could see him and he was caught. Whisper was beheaded for his many crimes against the kingdom, but he was glad that his last act was to return the something he had stolen, the end